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No, you might not even notice any difference. 

Your steel roof panels will be lying on solid roof sheathing which stops them from vibrating and ringing as they do in an unfinished pole building. You will also have an insulated attic which deadens any sound that may come through any type of roofing material. 

Steel roofing only weighs about 1/3 the weight of asphalt shingles. 

Extremely unlikely.  It is not just the paint that is protecting against rust. The steel has protective coatings that are applied before the paint. 

The short answer is: “A lifetime.” 

It is reasonable to expect a steel roof to last over 100 years. 

The Benefits of Steel Roofing

Longevity— Steel roofs can last over 100 years. 

Durability—Steel roofing can withstand much of the weather and climate events that often damage other roofing. 

Environmentally Friendly—Every day dumpsters loaded with asphalt shingles are hauled to the landfills. Steel roofs seldom need to be replaced, but when they do it can all be easily recycled. 

Fire Resistance—Whether it is nearby trees, your neighbor’s house, or your own chimney that is sending hot embers onto your roof, your steel roofing will not catch fire. 

Hail Resistance— Light or moderate hail often leaves no visible dents in steel roofing. If the hail is large enough to dent the steel, it still does not compromise the protection the roofing is providing for your home.  

Wind Resistance—Strong winds will not flip up or tear off steel roofing the way it does to asphalt shingles. 

Heat Resistance—Steel roofing technology has enabled steel roofing to reflect some of the sun’s heat, thus helping keep your house cooler and reducing energy costs. Also, the steel roofing is not easily damaged by extreme solar heat or extreme cold the way other products may be.  

Insurance Discount— Insurance companies know that steel roofing has tremendous fire and hail resistance and many companies offer a discount on your homeowner’s insurance for steel roofing. 

Style Options—We offer exposed fastener steel like you typically see on pole buildings, hidden fastener steel like you see on many restaurants and businesses, steel shakes that look like asphalt shingles, and steel tile that looks like clay tiles. 

Color Options—-In our basic solid color steel roofing we have about 30 colors available. We also have many options with blended coloring and many with colored grit to obtain the traditional shingled roof look with the durability of steel. 

Strength—When using steel panels that run the length of your roof from eave to ridge you are adding strength to your roof. That is why on pole buildings they often install the panels directly to the framing without any sheathing. 

Light Weight—Steel roofing is about 1/3rd the weight of typical asphalt shingles. 

Snow and Ice protection— The typical ice dam problems on roofs are greatly reduced or eliminated with steel roofing. The continuous length panels do not provide a place for ice and water to get in.  The steel is very strong and durable, so in areas where ice may form it is not going to break or tear off your roofing. 

Trendy, Stylish, and “Green”Whether it is the suburban community, the farmhouse, the seasonal cabin, or the urban areas, homeowners throughout the country are catching the vision of the great look and sensibility of steel roofing. There are so many visually pleasing styles and colors available.  

The long life and durability of steel roofing simply makes sense whether you are considering your house, your wallet, or the environment. 

Four Most Common Reasons Our Customers Request a Steel Roof

  1. Tired of replacing asphalt shingles 
  2. Tired of dealing with ice dams 
  3. Tired of raking and shoveling snow from the roof 
  4. “My wife says I can’t go on the roof anymore.”        (to deal with items listed above)